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The Satisfaction Functional Balls are gelatinous balls that arrived to make your moment for two more fun, provoking sensations and intensely lubricating.


After being introduced, they melt or explode in approximately 3 to 4 minutes, providing pleasurable and thought-provoking sensations.


Discover the peculiarity of each one below:


50 SHADES OF DARK GRAY:  Warms, Cools, Vibrates and Kissable (Amarula).

50 TONES:  Sensitizes, Warms, Cools and Super Vibrates (2x).

365 D PLEASURE: Warms, Vibrates and Kissable (Wine).

TIGHT:  Astringent.

GREEK KISS: Vibrates, Cools and Kissable (Mint with Cherry).

CHINESE: Warm up, Kissable (Cinnamon).

KING COBRA:  Vibrates and Sensitizes.

EASY:  4 in 1 – Desensitizes, Lubricates, Dilates and Scars.

HOT RD BUL: Warm and Kissable (Tangerine and Guarana).

HOT/ICE:  Alternately cools and heats.

HOT:  Sensitizes and Warms.

ICE:  Sensitizes and Cools.

TORNADO:  Sensitizes, Warms, Cools and Vibrates.


HOW TO USE:  Introduce the ball and wait for it to break or burst (during penetration), or burst it and use only its oil in the intimate region.


PRECAUTIONS:  Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of allergic process, discontinue use and seek medical advice.




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