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Kiss Scratch:  Ideal for breaking the ice, the Kiss Scratchbook came to speed up the conquest process!

Kama Sutra Scratch Card:  Illustrates the best Kama Sutra positions for you to do with your love!

Bae Scratch Card::  Every heart has a prize to offer for your love!

Sado Scratch Card:  Contains the best punishments that will make your love delirious with pleasure!

Scratch Strip:  As the name says, it was designed for you and your love to remove clothes in a very fun way!

Scratch Card Exchanges:  In it are proposed several exchanges of “favors” to make the night much more intense!



Length 10cm

width 5cm

Peso: 1g

Packing: 11x6cm plastic bag

Each pack contains 1 pieces


HOW TO USE: Scrape the metallic part and enjoy the information.


PRECAUTIONS:  Do not get wet; Scrape with metallic objects.


COMPOSITION:  120g paper


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