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Give your breasts a boost without any kind of surgery, BARE LIFTS is a simple solution that lifts your breasts over the top, leaving them looking younger and firmer. It can be worn with or without a bra, and is ideal for use in cleavage, open-backed garments, and swimwear.

BARE LIFS came to give your self-esteem a  Up  !

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Contains 5 Pairs (10 units).

1 Instruction Manual.



12cm x 8cm.



For a better fit measure your bust, and just below your bust as shown in the picture. Then subtract the value of your bust by the value of the part just below your bust, and compare the result in the image table. The BARE LIFTS can support the breasts up to  cup size  D, above this size it must be used together with a bra, adding better support and greater comfort.

If your breasts are smaller than  cup size  D, for greater comfort, you can cut the BARE LIFTS in the dashed line indicated on it.

Instructions for use:

Before using, make sure your skin is dry and clean. Remove the bottom of the BARE LIFTS, glue the side tabs around the areola of the breast, press well to avoid being crumpled and/or wrinkled. Lift the paper from the top and remove the rest of the paper, use the top and lift to the desired point and stick to the breast. Repeat on the other breast. Just one BARE LIFTS is enough for each breast. To remove gently pull using water and soap of your choice.


COMPOSITION:  Paper, PVC and adhesive



Do not use this product on an inflamed, swollen or lacerated area. Do not use while sleeping. Do not use on sunburned skin. This product should not be worn if you are breastfeeding. If any skin irritation occurs while using this product, its use should be discontinued. It is normal for reddish marks to appear after removing the product, they disappear in a few minutes. It is recommended to use one Bare Lifts a day for up to 08 hours, and if you start to show some redness, a day of rest between uses. Do not store this product exposed to sunlight and excessive heat, keep out of the reach of children.




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