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Door notice Collection Cuteness of the Handle by the brand Acaso

There are 9 models:

- Lingerie Tea (front) / The party starts in 3...2...1... (back)

- Waiting for my love to enter (front) / If it takes a little longer I... (back)

- If you open it, get caught!! It's better not to try! (front) / Two hearts making a lot of “bubiça”! Do not bother!! (verse)

- Attention! If you enter here, you will have to follow orders! (front) / Do Not Disturb! I'm being painted in 50 shades. (verse)

- Don't come in! Woman with... PMS (front) / Don't come in!!! Trained to Kill (back)

- Waiting for you "quiet"! (front) / Brave sloth! Do not enter! (verse)

- That moment where only those who love understand! (front) / Time to kill the longing...Don't disturb (back)

- Take the handle and enter through the back door (front) / Enter slowly... Because the door is small (back)

- Warning: The screams behind the door are from my cat (front) / The door is fireproof do not open! (verse)



Length: 19.5cm

Width: 8.5cm

Pesos: 4g

Packing: 23x12cm plastic bag


HOW TO USE: Hang the notice on the door handle, outside the room you are using, as a message.


PRECAUTIONS:  Do not get wet


COMPOSITION:  120g paper


SKU: MF0039
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