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Lubrigel  in the 60g  version is an intimate lubricant for sexual intercourse, it helps in cases of low vaginal lubrication.

It is also great for lubricating dentures, vibrators and accessories. He is an excellent ally for women who want more lubrication and to feel excited for sexual intercourse. That's because it reduces friction in the sexual act, due to its high consistency.

With a small amount it is possible to obtain a smooth and sliding film leaving the region more slippery.


But the advantages go beyond facilitating penetration, Lubrigel is indicated for exams that use probes, such as endovaginal ultrasound, colonoscopy and in procedures for introducing probes in general.

Doing what you like doesn't have to be painful, Lubrigel may be the little help you need!



Contains: 60g

Length: 12cm

Width: 5cm

Weight: 72g


HOW TO USE:  Due to its consistency, a small amount of the product is enough. Apply first to the palm of your hands (or fingers) and spread where you want.


PRECAUTIONS:  In case of irritation, seek medical advice. Lubrigel does not solve the causes of vaginal dryness, it only momentarily reduces discomfort. Be sure to close the container after use. Keep the container closed, in a dry environment, protected from light and at a temperature between 15°c and 30°c.


COMPOSITION:  Purified Water, Propylene Glycol, Neutralizing, Carboxyvinyl Polymer, Chelating and Preservative.




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