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Revive your night. Give a new face to forbidden desires.

Starting with arresting the partner.

Metal handcuffs, covered with a plush cover, joined by metal chains, comes with keys and has a safety lock.

Dare to torture, show your full power.



Overall length: 27 cm

Chain: 8 cm

Wrist Fit: 6 cm in diameter (up to 19 cm)

Weight: 64 g

Box: 11x9x3cm


HOW TO USE:  Join your arms with the cuffs and adjust according to the size of your wrists. Use the keys or the safety lock to open the handcuffs.


PRECAUTIONS:  Store in a dry place and separate from other products. Do not share the same accessory with others to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. People allergic to the composition of the product should not use it. Do not use on inflamed or lacerated areas. In case of existing pathology, consult a doctor.


MATERIAL:  Non-toxic aluminium.



Multicolor Handcuff With Plush

SKU: MF0083
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